Las Vegas Weddings

Capture the Best Moments of Your Wedding Day.

You deserve professional photography for your Las Vegas Weddings. We shoot quality, flawless photos of your special day. Our expertise catches the best lighting to make your wedding look dazzling. Your wedding is one of the most memorable moments of your life and we are right there to catch every second of it.

Start Your Family Photo History with Beautiful Photographs.

We take photos of weddings of all venues including Las Vegas Strip Weddings. Our Las Vegas weddings package includes pictures of you getting ready, walking down the aisle, the ceremony, and the reception. We are there from beginning to end to catch all the precious moments you never want to forget.

We Photograph You while You Get Ready.

Our photos will capture the excitement of getting ready. We photograph every detail for unforgettable photos. While we include major images like the dress, the engagement ring and wedding bands, and the readying of the wedding party, we also catch little sparkling details like shoes, jewelry, hair, ties, and more.

Schedule your wedding photographer to arrive when the bride is about 75% ready. This allows us to begin taking photos of makeup and hair while also shooting other details.

We Catch the Perfection of the Ceremony.

We bottle the beauty of your wedding day to share with generation after generation.

*The bride in her beautiful dress walking down the aisle.
*The groom with his initial stunned expression at seeing her.
*The adorable flower girls and ring boys getting lost down the aisle.
*The exchanging of rings with pure joy on your face.

We Save Your Reception’s Greatest Moments.

Fun and excitement abound in wedding receptions. We are there to catch each special moment from dances to cake to your grand exit. We find candid moments of memorable times.

Las Vegas Weddings can fly by when you’re having fun.

You will re-experience your special day all over again through our flawless photos.


All your moments are frozen in our photos to keep forever.

With Exceed Photography, you will receive professional photos edited to perfection. Our editing includes color correction, brightness, sharpness, noise reduction, and contrast enhancement. Our in-depth editing of the album focuses on close-up body and skin-retouching. We also convert some photos to black and white for an artistic touch.

Our flawless images make the perfect start to your new family’s heirlooms.

Fill an album, hang the photos in wall art, or more. Show off to your friends and families or save for the next generation.

Contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote. We will transform the best moment of your life into the best photo memories of your life.

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Preserve your memories forever with Exceed Photography. 

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